HVK-Custom Mod Pack: Giant, Arcing Machinery!

Giant, Arcing Machinery - Build Update #3

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Inside the Compact-Machines blocks atop the drill like structure outside
"Havok-Hold", these machines control the generation & conversion of
Compressed-Cobble to EMC.
Created the piping design on the side of the processing plant. (Pipes are purely
cosmetic) Then started on the chimney funnel that goes all the way to the top,
to four small chimney spouts at the top. Connected the Arc-Furnaces to the AE
System and used a Steve's Factory Manager to efficiently spread the input ore
dust evenly into all the processing slots.
Built an additional turbine next to the first one and started to make the
cosmetics around them. Connected them to computercraft computers
running Direwolf20's Big Reactor management code with a few adjustments.
Setup two excavators outside the parameter of "Havok-Hold", both excavators
are sending their ore to the central processing plant, which
will be shown next update.